[elasticsearch] elasticsearch bechmarks baseline performance 官方效能基準

elasticsearch 官方有提供一個 nightly indexing performance 可供當做一個效能的 baseline。


Nightly indexing performance on master

2015/10/27 20:24:09:

Defaults: 16.21
Defaults (4G heap): 18.01
Fast: 17.29
FastUpdate: 14.97
Defaults (2 nodes): 6.96
EC2 i2.2xlarge Defaults 4G: 7.35
單位 K Docs/sec


This test indexes 6.9M short documents (log lines, total 14 GB json) using 8 client threads and 500 docs per _bulk request against a single node running on a dual Xeon X5680 (12 real cores, 24 with hyperthreading) and 48 GB RAM.
Defaults, 2 nodes is append-only, using all default settings, but runs 2 nodes on 1 box (5 shards, 1 replica).
Defaults is append-only, using all default settings.
Defaults (4G heap) is the same as Defaults except using a 4 GB heap (ES_HEAP_SIZE), because the ES default (-Xmx1g) sometimes hits OOMEs.
Fast is append-only, using 4 GB heap, and these settings:

  refresh_interval: 30s
  index.store.throttle.type: none
  indices.store.throttle.type: none

  index.number_of_shards: 6
  index.number_of_replicas: 0

  index.translog.flush_threshold_size: 4g
  index.translog.flush_threshold_ops: 500000

FastUpdate is the same as fast, except we pass in an ID (worst case random UUID) for each document and 25% of the time the ID already exists in the index.
Defaults (doc values) is the same as Defaults, but also indexes doc values for most fields

螢幕快照 2015-10-26 下午10.01.17

螢幕快照 2015-10-26 下午10.01.37 螢幕快照 2015-10-26 下午10.01.46 螢幕快照 2015-10-26 下午10.01.55 螢幕快照 2015-10-26 下午10.02.03 螢幕快照 2015-10-26 下午10.02.16 螢幕快照 2015-10-26 下午10.02.25




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